PlayUp Integration grants genuine utility ahead of PlayChip Trading

by ARN

PlayChip listed on Independent Reserve, LATOKEN and HitBTC just a day after launching on Fantasy Sports Platform PlayUp

The PlayChip has become one of the first crypto-tokens with genuine utility to list internationally on cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing came one day after the token was integrated into the PlayUp Fantasy Sports platform, where users are able to wager the token in fantasy sports challenges. This integration grants the token a level of utility almost unheard of in the history of cryptocurrency.

The ERC20 token became the first Australian token to list on Independent Reserve, Australia’s first regulated cryptocurrency exchange, on Wednesday afternoon. This was followed shortly by listing on top 10 international cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC. The listings followed six weeks after the token’s generation and distribution via the hub of its online gaming ecosystem, the PlayXchange.

The listing has been considered a significant achievement in itself, with cryptocurrency analysis platform CoinGecko announcing in their Q3 2018 ICO report that less than 10% of tokens had reached the point of listing.

PlayUp have announced a series of large prize pools to incentivise use of the Universal Gaming Token, starting with the NFL Superbowl this coming weekend. Challenges on the Big Bash, Six Nations Rugby tournament and UCL Champions League are also anticipated to have increased token prize pools to appeal to the universal sporting market.

“January 30th marks a massive day in the PlayChip journey,” said PlayChip Foundation Director Daniel Simic.

“It is a huge achievement from such a small company to deliver a token that has actual utility. Most projects have to ask their token holders to wait months, if not years for them to deliver on their roadmap.”

“It is very pleasing to deliver two major milestones within such a short space of time.”

The PlayChip is expected to be integrated into seven more online gaming platforms throughout 2019, including PlayUp Bet. Renowned Australian gaming platforms Draftstars, TopBetta, ClassicBet and MadBookie are also expected to integrate the token later in the year.

PlayChips are now available for purchase from Independent Reserve, HitBTC and LATOKEN.

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