The Blockchain Money Makers With Monster Upcoming ICOs

by Crypto Times Today

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Meet the Australian sports gaming company set for a gigantic ICO and has continued a rapid expansion of its global online gambling and gaming ecosystem

It’s no surprise that gaming and gambling are now red hot on the blockchain-based web due to their potential to link tokens to various new functionality.

Gambling was among the first sectors to make it big on the original World Wide Web, and according to Transparency Market Research the USD$40 billion-plus market for online gambling is already growing at the compound average rate of 11 percent a year.

Indeed, one of the first major on-chain gambling applications, SatoshiDice, was launched by ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees and eventually sold in July 2013 for almost $11.5 million. The enthusiasm for such gambling platforms is reflected in the fact that at its peak, the game accounted for almost half of all Bitcoin transactions.

Although SatoshiDice featured mostly simple games, some of the more modern gambling applications come with a humorous twist. For example, Fomo3D makes fun of the lack of transparency in the ICO market by putting users in the position of an exit-scamming ICO developer.

Now Australian company PlayChip is odds on to ease over the line in a November scheduled Initial Coin Offering with a maximum hard cap of US$90 million.

As their website details, PlayChip is the Universal Gaming Token for sports betting, gaming, fantasy sports, and eSports, at the centre of an incentivised, blockchain-enabled sports community and gaming ecosystem.

And such is the confidence behind gaming and gambling on the blockchain, their ICO will only run for a week from November 21st to November 28th.

There are 8 gaming and gambling platforms in the PlayChip Ecosystem including betting.club, Mad Bookie, ClassicBet, TopBetta, DraftStars, 123bet and PlayUp itself.

The latest site, PlayUp Bet for example, offers wagering options on nine different sports, as well as the chance to bet on gallop, greyhound and harness racing on more than 25 major racetracks around the globe. A range of wagering options from UFC to eSports will be included in subsequent updates.

The PlayChip is the only form of currency accepted on the site, offering the Ecosystem’s one-million-plus user base an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the token before its generation in December of this year.

The Crypto Times of London understands that unless previously sold out, the public ICO for PlayChip runs between November 21-28, and tokens will be listed on HitBTC and LAToken by December 19th. The public can log on to https://www.playchip.global for more ICO details.

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