PlayChip lists on Bittrex International

by Australian FinTech

The announcement comes following the impressive trading volume garnered across its existing exchanges – HitBTC and IDEX.

The Bittrex listing is perhaps the most significant thus far, with an entirely new wave of cryptocurrency traders now having visibility of and access to the PlayChip, with the token’s daily trading volume increasing by 75% in the six hours following going live on Bittrex.

Given just 2% of token sales from Q4 2018 obtained so much as a solitary listing, the significance of this achievement is not to be overlooked.

“Bittrex is one of the most established and credible cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today,”

“We are very optimistic about this listing and the visibility it has lent to PlayChip. This listing has brought a significant amount of exposure to our project, particularly for users in Europe and Asia.”


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