Features and tools have been customised to meet the needs of users, operators and regulators


PlayChip lists on Bittrex International

PlayChip’s listing on IDEX is its fourth listing in less than three weeks, following its successful listing on Australia’s first regulated cryptocurrency exchange, Independent Reserve, in late January.

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Letter from Daniel Simic, PlayChip Foundation Director

I would like to extend my appreciation to every supporter of our project around the globe. Our objectives remain and our dedication to our goals has never waivered.

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PlayChip to feature at ICE 2019 in London

The feature continues what has been a huge start to 2019 for the Universal Gaming Token, which has been distributed to over 10,000 token holders since its launch

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Our blockchain-enabled solutions meet the changing needs of the gaming community and deliver the following key benefits

Lower Cost

Ultra Secure

Crypto Audience

First Mover

Simple Setup


Our tools have been designed to meet the needs of users, operators and regulators across the globe


PlayChip delivers users unprecedented speed, security, and control over their funds all via a simple and intuitive user experience making it easy for non-crypto users to understand.


Operators who utilise the PlayChip can access to our rapidly growing blockchain-enabled sports and gaming community, who are already KYC and AML verified. In addition we deliver increased transparency and lower costs.


PlayChip blockchain-based gaming platform gives regulators increased trust and transparency through the documentation and immutability of all transactions ensuring efficient legal and regulatory compliance in all jurisdictions.


Wagering Operators

Casino Operators

Game Developers

e-Sports Platforms


Central to our implementation strategy is the PlayXchange™. This revolutionary technology will serve as the base from which users can connect with the entire PlayChip ecosystem, including our own cryptocurrency exchange. This creates a “one-stop-shop” for users of the PlayChip, paving the way to mass adoption within the global gaming economy.

Full integration between the PlayXchange and PlayChip ecosystem via the wallet will provide a vastly improved user experience, allowing for the following features:

  • Buy / Sell directly from the PlayWallet via PlayXchange
  • Instant KYC verification between the platforms
  • Low-cost transactions, for bigger prize pools and better odds
  • Real time balance and withdrawal information including fiat value


PlayWallet is user-friendly, making it perfect for people who are new to using crypto for sports betting and gaming. Users can buy and sell directly from the PlayWallet as well as view all transaction history with ease.

  • Buy / Sell directly from the PlayWallet via PlayXchange
  • Instant KYC verification between the platforms
  • Low-cost transactions, for bigger prize pools and better odds
  • Real time balance and withdrawal information including fiat value

leadership team

The leadership team have over forty years combined experience building interactive gaming products and running disruptive global online businesses.

Stephen Chaplin


Sharon Robson


Mark Hetherington


Michael Costa


Daniel Simic


the Advisory board

Dr Stephane Savanah

Cryptocurrency Evangelist

Dr Adam Weigold

Blockchain Expert

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions which we have not answered, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is the PlayChip and what can I do with it?

The PlayChip (PLA) is a decentralised utility token serving as the currency in the PlayChip ecosystem. The PlayChips’ goal is to become the universal gaming token and premier currency of the gaming industry. It can be used to place bets and enter challenges, as reward points in the PlayUp store, and can be traded for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via partnered exchanges.

How do I buy PlayChips?

You can purchase PlayChips from the playXchange or from any of our partner exchanges such as INDEPENDENT RESERVE, HitBTC, LATOKEN after the token has been listed.

When will I receive my PlayChips?

PlayChips will be distributed following KYC & AML verification on December 19th 2018.

Are PlayChip tokens instantly transferrable?

The PlayChip will be instantly transferrable following the completion of KYC and AML verification via your playXchange account. Until then, your PlayChip balance will be displayed in your playXchange account.

When is the PlayChip going to be on an exchange?

We have agreements in place to list on Independent Reserve, HitBTC and LATOKEN from January 2019, this will allow enough time for all users to complete all verification requirements. The exact listing date will be confirmed by the end of 2018.

What is the PlayChip Foundation?

The PlayChip Foundation is the entity responsible for protecting and growing the PlayChip economy and ecosystem. The PlayChip Foundation will guard a portion of PlayChips generated with the goal of growing the ecosystem. These PlayChips are protected under smart contract and cannot be sold or released into the market without approval from multiple parties.

These reserve PlayChips will be used for future growing of the PlayChip economy by seeding economies on new platforms, should they be required.

What is the PlayXchange?

The PlayXchange is our partnered exchange where users of the PlayChip can buy, sell or trade their PlayChips. The PlayXchange will be connected directly to each of the platforms in the PlayChip ecosystem via the PlayWallet, providing users with a “one-stop-shop” for buying, using and selling their PlayChips. Players will be able to convert the PlayChip on the PlayXchange for fiat or cryptocurrencies.


For all enquiries regarding the PlayChip, please go to our support portal